Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Task Chairs for Technology Professionals

Time for a new task chair, so the search begins for a strategic purchase. One of the first conclusions I've made is that as a database developer/web developer, I don't need a managerial-type chair - which seemingly is more about reclining back in comfort, telling people what to do, but for sitting straight or slightly forward for prolonged concentration.

The Mirra by Herman Miller seems to make the short list in the world of the web.

Also highly regarded out there is the Perfect Comfort Ergonomic Office Chair - a reasonably-priced option.

The Herman Miller Equa XR is on my personal short list.

One resource I've found is a nice comparison chart from the University of North Carolina found here.

In addition to Amazon.com, another online site to check for task chairs is HighTechSeating.com. Check them here.

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